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Sände en förfrågan till Mark Ryden för ett tag sedan:
Hello, my name is Marlene and it was my 15 year old daughter who introduced me to your lovely paintings. I would very much be allowed to put some of them now and then in my blog (actually I’ve already done so) and am hereby asking for permission to do so. Of course all copyrights are acknowledged and I will also link to your page if you require.
Best wishes, Marlene
Sedan glömde jag liksom bort det men blev glad när jag nu fick svar...

Hello Marlene,
Thank you for writing and for your interest in Mark's work. As long as your site is for personal usage (as opposed to commercial) and you have the proper copyright information, then there shouldn't be any problems. Thanks for checking!
Best wishes,
Alyson Ryan
Porterhouse Fine Art Editions

...så det är alltså ok att jag har en del av hans konst här, vilket känns skönt att veta.

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